A Day To Remember July 14th

A Day To Remember July 14th


January 6th, 2018

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The Music Without Labels teams first all-dayer is set for July 14th 2018 at the wonderful Rum & Sugar Canary Wharf, London. With 11 hours of music to fill the soul, we have great pleasure in welcoming 2 Chicago giants, Vick Lavender, Sophisticado Recordings and Elbert Phillips. Entegrity Recordings to add their flavor alongside Dr Bob Jones who needs no introduction as his 50 years in the business says it all. Graham-Grumpy Brown has steadfastly set dance floors alight for more years than I care to mention as that will tell you how long I have known and respected his work. Jeff Young, need I say more than that!! Paul Clark, you all know the history, Birdy who is excited to exercise his ‘wonky side for MWL once again. Bill Griffin and Grant Fisher, my Soulpower-radio brothers and YanGroove, who will surprise you. Food will be available throughout the day by Rum & Sugar with many other eateries close by. Tickets are £23 and as ever, don’t delay as previous MWL events sell out and there will be no tickets sold on the door. The day will begin at 2pm and continue till early Sunday morning at 1am. Please call 01273 413800 or visit musicmeltdown.co.uk.

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